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Multi Disciplinary Pain Management

Multi Disclipinary Pain Management programmes are generally  applied where there is chronic pain not responding to usual treatment. The programmes are often used with patients suffering from back pain associated with injury.
Typically,  Multi Disclipinary Pain Management programmes involve assessments by a team of practitioners from different disciplines. Such teams may include physiotherapists, psychologists and medical doctors.
Multi Disciplinary Pain Management programmes begin with a comprehensive medical, physical and psychological assessment. Recommendations are then made with respect to treatment.
Programmes are customised to the individual, however an example of a treatment plan would be as follows:
  • Generally a 10-12 week programme, 3 times a week;
  • One on one physiotherapy working on specific exercise and treatment strategies;
  • Group base gym and hydrotherapy to increase strength, flexibility and core stability;
  • One to one psychology (if required)
  • Review of medication to ensure adequate pain cover and the right combination of medications for the condition.  

Generally a referral for Mutli-Disciplinary Pain Management programmes is not required unless a claim is being made through a third party provider (eg where there has been a workplace accident, transport injury or a relevant Veteran's Affairs matter). Some sports insurers also require a medical referral.

How Can It Help Back Pain?

Multi Disciplinary Pain Management can;
  • Improve strength and ability to complete important daily tasks;
  • Reduce pain allowing management of most day to day activities;
  • Improve a sense of control over the condition with reduced reliance on practitioners and medication;
  • Provide a greater sense of physical and psychological well being.